Big&Little Peaceful Set

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A special Big and Little howlite bead bracelet set! Wear matching bracelets and matching oils to keep you connected throughout the day. Let the oil scents remind you of each other and connect you in heart and mind. These special sets can aid in easing anxieties over separation or simply serve as a token of love and connectedness. The howlite beads are calming and uplifting and will serve to ground you and your little one. The black lava rocks will diffuse whatever oil you choose to use. The bracelets are strung on a very strong “power cord” but bracelets should not be given to babies and toddlers. These specific bracelets are sized for children 6yrs+. As always, let me know if you need a custom size or would like 2 adult sized bracelets for a teen&parent. Namaste 🙏🏼