Driftwood airplant planter no.1

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A one of a kind driftwood air plant planter! Found driftwood, cut and cleaned, then sealed with a natural beeswax. This little beauty has the perfect nook on it’s side to hold your air plant! (Airplane not included.) It can hold most any air plant and will make a gorgeous addition to any room or office. It measures about 6 inches tall and a little over 4 inches wide ❤️ *Each planter has a hidden quote written somewhere on the bottom!* Air plants are little workhorses of air purification and they super easy to care for! They do not require any soil, as they obtain all the nutrients they need from the air (hence the name, air plants!) They do not like distilled water...they prefer dirty water from streams, ponds or even bird baths. If you water them with tap water, you’ll need to let them dry before inserting them back into the planter, so that any chlorine evaporates off of them. Fully immerse them in water once a week, just a short dunk will do, and they will be happy little plants! Since each piece is unique, it cannot be replicated, so snag it before it’s gone!