Grief Support Box

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"Some things cannot be fixed, they can only be carried."  I created these Grief Boxes out of my own grief, from losing my Dad unexpectedly earlier this year.  I wanted to do something to help others along in their grief and to help those who are supporting and loving on those that are grieving, have a way to do so in a unique and personal way.  

Each box contains a blank journal, a mala bracelet (either sandalwood, onxy, or onxy and smokey quartz), a hand cut/hand painted mantra block (pick which one in the 'variants' tab), and a hand cut/ hand painted wooden feather from reclaimed wood.  Each piece is significant and chosen for this box for a specific reason.  

The journal allows for a healthy flow of thoughts and a release of emotions onto the page.  

The mala bracelets are made up of grounding stones and each one chosen to bring comfort, warmth and release for the wearer.  One bracelet is included in each box at random, but if you want a specific one, please message me with your purchase to let me know.  Otherwise I will include either a sandalwood, onyx, or onxy and smokey quartz mala bracelet.  

The wooden hand painted mantra block serves as a visual reminder to the grieving that they are seen, loved and carried during this time.  One block says "breathe in/breathe out" and the other simply says "loved".  You may pick which one in the 'variants' below.  

And the wooden feather is hand painted and from reclaimed wood.  Feathers have long since been a sweet symbol in the grieving community to remember loved ones or to remind the grieving that they are being watched over.  This feather can be hung around the house (like an ornament) or set somewhere to remind the person that they are loved and seen.  

I have poured so much of myself into each piece in this box, in hopes that it will bless all those who need it. Each piece has been made in meditation and love.  

Feel free to message me with any questions and also if you want to do any further customizations , such as adding meditation blocks or a necklace,  please contact me and we will make it happen.  

Love and Light.