Meditation Wooden Balancing Stones

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These fun wooden beauties are next to impossible to not pick up and play with. Whether you are 2 years old, 99 years old, focusing on meditation, or just needing to busy your hands, these wooden balancing stones will take you to a zen place and challenge your out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving skills. Unlike regular blocks with four flat sides, the angles of the balancing stones make them more challenging to stack. When used by children, hand-eye coordination and creativity are encouraged through natural play. 

Humans by nature are often drawn to natural objects that we can manipulate and create with.  Keep these on your coffee table for regular use, or display them for their natural beauty in a glass vase on your mantle...either way, they will bless your creativity, your space, your focus and concentration. Children and adults alike will enjoy creating and stacking with these wooden balancing stones. 

Each set contains 8 blocks that are hand cut, hand sanded, and sealed with a 100% natural beeswax, leaving them velvety smooth.  Since I make each block by hand, no two are exactly alike, nor will each set be exactly alike.