Positive Vibes Mala

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Black Onyx is said to be a powerful, protection stone that works to absorb negative energy and give a feeling of balance when needed during times of stress, unease, and even grief. What a wonderful gift to have such a beautiful stone during times such as these! The black onyx pendant is paired with natural cedar beads, which give off their own uplifting and warm scent.  You will instantly feel peace and calm as you wear this mala.  You can wrap it around your wrist several times and wear it as a wrap bracelet if desired as well.  

If you want to take you experience to the next level, a few drops of your own essential oil on a few cedar beads will create a personalized aromatherapy experience for you. However this will darken the color of the beads overtime.  

With this mala, you can honestly say "Positive vibes only!" Be blessed